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Sam Jones

Born: Wednesday May-19-1999
Died: Saturday Nov-24-2018
Funeral: Wednesday Nov-28-2018

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Lindon Samuel (Sam) Jones, 19, of Rupert, Idaho passed away on Saturday, November 24, 2018 at the Minidoka Memorial Hospital.  Sam was born on May 19, 1999.  He attended Rupert Elementary and East Minico Middle School and completed one hear of high school at Minidoka High School before being homeschooled for the duration of his education.  He received his GED in 2016 and was also the recipient of one of the Rupert Rotary Clubs scholarships for continuing his education.

At the time of his death, Sam was home for Thanksgiving, visiting his family before returning to Imperial Beach, California.  He had been working at the YMCA Camp Surf and was planning on moving permanently to California.  In working with the children and families of the YMCA camp, he found his calling and had plans to establish residency in California in order to pursue his education.  His ultimate goal was to take his boss’ job as Camp Director.  Sam was a young man with a deep and abiding faith, and he knew that God had placed him in that camp so that he could serve God by serving His children.

Sam was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just over a year ago and as is common with this disease, he was unwilling to commit to taking his medication.  Depression lies and tells people they are worthless and unlovable and that there is no way out.  Because of his mental illness, Sam was unable to see just how valuable he was, and at that point, he could see no other possible way to relieve his pain and he took his own life.  Even up until the very end Sam still displayed love, laughter, and his unforgettable smile to his family and all of those who so closely loved him.  Sam was not selfish.  Sam was not cruel.  Sam was a young man who was broken and hurting.  Sam was a young man whose last thought was to call EMS services so that none of his family had to discover his body.

Sam was love, and light, and joy.  Even though he could not see it, he was so loved, by so many people.  He is survived by his parents, Kori and Steven Pavkov and his father, Casey Lin Jones.  He left behind four siblings, Hannah (Anthony Fiscus) Dunn, Eli Dunn, Owen Pavkov and Josie Pavkov, one niece, Aubrey Lowe-Dunn, and one nephew, Cooper Ward, his cherished friends Storm Pawson and Jovanii Ramos, his Camp “Mom” Zayanne Thompson and his first real love, Keaton Thompson.  He is also survived by his dear friend Kelsey Dreyton and his grandpa Raymond Stotsman.  Rob and Janet King, Father Tom Kennedy, Marty Beck and Robyn Hatfield and Bishop Brian Thom, the entire congregation of St. Matthews Episcopal Church, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins and so, so many friends.  He was preceded in death by his Great-Grandparents Mary and Leonard Price and his Grandma Linda Ramsay.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you contribute in Sam’s name to Paradise Point Episcopal Camp, 1858 W. Judith Lane, Boise Idaho 83705 or the YMCA Camp Surf, 560 Silver Strand Blvd, Imperial Beach California, 91932.  There will also be a bank account set up at the Idaho Central Credit Union to help cover funeral expenses.

A memorial service will be held at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 6th and I Streets in Rupert.  Services are under the direction of Morrison Funeral Home and Crematory in Rupert.

Condolences for Sam Jones

From: Cathy Ingalls
I had the pleasure of being one of Sam's bus drivers, and truly enjoyed our time together. Sam was a super kid, and I know he touched many lives.  God Bless you all.

From: Kelsie Robinson
He was such a kind hearted person he would always make sure I had a smile on my face when he came into class. He will always hold a huge part of my heart. So much love Sam.

From: Krista Drysdale
Sam was such a good friend and was always there for me, I wish I knew to be there for him too. I have so many good memories of him.

From: Autumn Fowler
Ohhh sweet Sam, if only you knew how many people you had truly touched.... your spirit was so kind. I am blessed to have known you my friend. Your imprint on my life and so many others will be forever felt. Till we meet again my friend.

From: Tess Young
I met Sam at YMCA Camp Surf, and we became close friends over our six months as coworkers. Every group of kids that we taught or chaperoned loved him, they were so drawn to him because he made them laugh and was always willing to listen and talk with them. I'll never forget my 7th week, I was on the verge of tears because my cabin of girls had a hard time getting along, and I had no idea how to bring them together. Sam immediately stepped up and asked to sit with them after dinner. That night, I watched in awe as he spoke with them for hours, listening to all of heir stories, sharing his experience, and letting them share their emotions. He also gave us a poem, and the next day the girls hung it on the wall of our cabin. They also made a poster to give to him with all their names signed, thanking him at the end of the week for being their friend. That's the kind of person Sam was. I was honored to call him a friend.

From: Erin Wilkins
I had the honour of teaching Sam in acting classes with Seattle Talent. He was an extremely talented actor and singer. And over the years I had the great honour of calling him friend. He was very compassionate, brilliant and kind. He extended himself to help others and on more than one occasion brought me up from very dark places. He loved Jesus and this made his light shine. He was part of my family and will be dearly missed.

From: Kaly Gillette-Shippen
Sam was loved by his classmates and I enjoyed having him in class. I will always remember his amazing smile and laugh. He was a talented young man and I'm so sorry to hear this news.

From: Penny Russell
Sam was one of the sweetest kindest young men I ever knew. I know he is now in heaven in the loving arms of God where he will never be hurt again, mentally or physically.

I love you Samuel

From: Shirley Orthman
Prayers are with all of you for strength, hope and courage at this terrible time.

From: Trista McCrea
My deepest sympathies to your family.

From: Maren Oppelt
Sam was such a joy to teach and to know. His love of learning (especially his love of music) and his kindness to everyone made him a role model to all who knew him. He lit up a room and made everyone feel better. I will always remember him.

From: Portia
Sam was such a beautiful person inside and out and it is ABSOLUTELY heartbreaking he didn't see what a wonderful, bright, loved person he was. He never failed to make me laugh. He will be so missed.

From: Cindy Allen
I use to take care of little Sam, Eli & Hannah at Glory's Day Care. He was such a dear little boy. My heart breaks. You are all in my prayers. I'm so sorry.

From: Shelbie Draper
Sam had a soul that touched so many. He will live on in our hearts and memories. Thank you for blessing me just by knowing you. You will be so missed.

From: Alexia
We love you Sam, so much. We will never stop missing your smile.

From: Alannah
I called Sam my brother. He helped me overcome a lot of anxieties I had over open water and helped push me to my goals. He was a perfect example of someone who loved Christ. He will be missed by so many people, but we'll see you soon Bubba.

From: Craig D. Severson
A young man with lots of love in his heart and a loving supporting family. He will be missed by all those who loved him and knew him. Sending prayers and love to the family!

From: Shae Nielsen
While I never had the pleasure of meeting Sam, he and my daughter stayed friends despite the long distance. She loved him greatly. My heart hurts for your family.

From: Bridget B. Stutzman
Sam touched my life deeply. He was my neighbor and friend! And his family are all dear to me! Sam had the biggest heart, the mist tender soul, the sweetest smile, a precious faith in God , a wonderful sense of humor and a loving kindness that is beyond description! I will miss him dearly!!!!! God bless his beautiful family!

From: Maddi Kent
Sam was a beautiful soul. He had so much light and love inside of him. Everyone who knew him loved him dearly. He was an amazing person, and he always thought of others. There will never be another like him.

From: Crystal
I don't know if I could have survived some of my days a Perkins if you weren't there to vent too. I'm sorry I couldn't do the same for you. Rest easy now. You'll have an amazing time with all the amazing souls that lost their battles. ♡♡♡♡

From: Stephanie George
My heart breaks for all of Sam's family. I'm so sorry this happened. Kori, you put so much hard work and sleepless nights and tears into making his life the best that you could, and all of it mattered – and still does. This isn't the end. I know he will see you again in a much better place and all the sorrow will be forgotten. Much love to all of you and Memory Eternal to Sam.

From: Michael Nicoloff
Sam was such a bright spot here at YMCA Camp Surf. His energy and kindness allowed him to thrive. Sam was able to connect with so many young people and make a positive impact in their lives. Sam, you will be missed. Rest easy.

From: Ali Hoffman
During our time together at Camp Surf, Sam and I became good friends. One memory I have of Sam is a week where we both shared a table full of hilarious boys. Every meal time we would congregate together, laughing, sharing stories, and cracking jokes with these kids. By the end of the week the table was so full because everyone wanted to sit at the same table as Sam. But there were so many kids that there was no room for him! We spent the last meal talking about how we missed him and wished he was at the table, and every time he would walk by the kids would call him over to chat. One boy wrote him a letter during that dinner, to tell him how thankful he was that Sam worked at Surf and to express how funny and special he made his time at Camp. That was the effect Sam had, the ability to bring people together and to impact lives by just being himself. He will he missed by all who knew him.

From: Jocelyn Mendez
Sam was a great friend. the best friend I could have asked for.  He was always there for me when I was having my rough days.  He always knew how to cheer me up fast and was always willing to listen.  Even though I knew Sam for the last 3 months of camp, he made those 3 months so memorable.  He protected me like a big brother and I loved him for that.  Thank you Sam, I miss you.

From: Kylie Gutierrez
This world wasn't ready for such a pure soul. Your free spirit will be missed. Whoever you meet on your next journey is blessed to know you as we did. I'm struggling to believe you're gone, but maybe that is because you live on through so many people who loved you. Rest in love sweet Sam.

From: Erin Semmler
Sam and I went to camp together since we were little and he has always been one of my oldest friends. He could always make me laugh or smile and he lit up the room whenever he came in.

From: Noemy Gonzalez
I met Sam at Camp Surf.  I miss him immensely.  We had shared so many memories, one of my favorites is one night I was getting back to camp and I was feeling down, it was skit night and Sam had noticed and dragged me to the stage with him and a group of girl scouts.  We were singing camp songs and it absolutely cheered me up. I'm glad I got to thank him for that experience. I miss his energy but I will forever carry it on in my heart.

From: Nayely Sanchez
Sam came into the office almost everyday at Camp Surf.  Any time I was in a bad mood Sam would come in and I'd forget why I was even in a bad mood. Sam always knew how to put a smile on everyone's face. He will truly be missed.

From: Melissa Churape
Sam was one of my favorite people I met at Camp Surf this summer and forever will be. He was so welcoming and his smile could light up the room, it always brightened my day to see him. I loved when he stopped in the office, because we would always greet each other, chat and joked around. If I was having a bad day he was always there to listen and give me a hug. He truly represented the YMCA 4 core values and it was a true blessing to know him. My last memory with him was a few weeks ago when we were celebrating the end of the season dancing and singing our hearts out with the rest of our co workers , he definitely had the best dance moves and was so fun to be around. Sam was amazing and I’m going to miss his spirit and smile deeply.

From: Daniel Sanchez
Sam was an incredible soul. There are many fond memories I will cherish from Seattle talent classes.

From: Rhonda Fresh
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. He was a great man who will be greatly missed... love to all.

From: Daniel Sanchez
Sam was an incredible soul. There are many fond memories I will cherish from Seattle Talent classes.

From: Cindy Allen
I had Sam in day care. Such a sweet loving little boy. I'm so sorry for all of you & pray that God helps you through this hard time.
God bless you Sam.
I will never forget your smile.

From: Brenda Soldenski
I had the pleasure of working and getting to know Sam at YMCA Camp Surf. Watching the way he interacted with the kids was so heartwarming, his dance off with staff and Chaperones, the black glasses he wore even after he broke them and many many more reasons, I will always remember Sam fondly. May you rest in peace buddy.

From: Sierra Ducatt
I will never forget Sam's ability to connect with youth and his passion to know others and create lasting memories. He puts others before himself, and i feel so lucky to have known him in the capacity i did. He will always be apart of our camp family and a role model to every child's life he influenced.  Miss you so much sister Sam.

From: Colleen Bennett
Oh this makes my heart so sad. I Loved having Sam in class. He brought so many smiles and laughter to orchestra. He was a very talented young man. I saw him as a natural leader. I’m so sorry to see this. My thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.



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