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Freda S. Simon

Born: Tuesday Nov-21-1939
Died: Monday Oct-09-2023
Funeral: Wednesday Oct-18-2023

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Freda S. Hutchison Simon, 83 year old Burley resident passed away Monday, October 9, 2023 at her home in Burley.

Written by Freda S. Hutchison Simon

I will never again see the snow fall or the dry leaves blowing in the wind;

I will never see the birds that swarm in the aspen trees.

I will never see the sunset that colors my eyes;

I will never smell the pink roses that were planted for me;

I will never see the leaves that the wind bounces on the grave or the clouds changing shapes and colors as they are moved across the sky.

I will never again see your eyes, whether blue or brown, or your smile that brings joy to me. 

I will not get to watch you brush sandwich crumbs from your chest or wipe that cutest nose with a Kleenex.

I will not get to feel the sensation of blackout when the electricity goes off or hear the gurgle of water going down the drain.

But I GET to see Jesus, who is waiting for me;

I GET to see Jesus the Son of God; I GET to touch Him in all His glory.

So, the smell of a strawberry or the taste of a root beer float or the feel when a raindrop touches my face; the roar of a  “Harley Ride”;  the wind in my hair cannot compare to the wonder of meeting my Savior, Jesus when HE comes for me.

A gathering for friends and family will be held Wednesday, October 18, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at  the Morrison Funeral Home, 188 South Hwy 24 in Rupert. 


Freda was a dear friend. During the time I knew her, I watched as she grew closer to Jesus. We had many fun times together and many great laughs. I will miss Freda. I look forward to our reunion in heaven at Jesus' feet....Linda A. Croft

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